The best Smart TV platforms in the world 2017

LG webOS

4. LG: WebOS

With the arrival of webOS in 2014 , LG's smart TV offering was completely refreshed. All LG smart TVs from 2014 and 2015 got webOS 2.0, and 2016 and 2017 saw the release of webOS 3.0.

That was then, but now you can expect to see webOS 3.5 here in 2017.

Much like Samsung's Smart Hub, webOS 3.5 is built around a taskbar that pops-up from the bottom of the screen. Apps, whether a content hub like Netflix or simply a HDMI input on the TV, are treated the same, with a dynamically changing roster across the bottom of the screen. The app icons pop-up, they jig about, they drop-down, and they change order.

It's fast – really fast – but locating something not on this Launcher Bar is actually very difficult. Nor is customising WebOS as easy as it could be.

Content-wise, it's pretty good, with a line-up that includes Netflix, Amazon Instant, Freeview Play, the BBC iPlayer, YouTube, the ITV Player, All 4 and Sky's Now TV.

For US folks there's your standard Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Google Play TV and Movies, as well as Hulu, VUDU, MLB.TV, and FandangoNow.

Unfortunately, as of webOS 3.5, Spotify is no longer available. 

There's a nice flicker panel for scrolling through 'live' sources and apps, and a Today panel across the middle of the screen that gives one-flick access to scrolling cover art for live TV programs and movies.

Dynamic, colourful, but often rather dizzying to use, WebOS is inconsistent in design and dynamics, and takes a while to get to know; all but the tech-savvy can find themselves baffled.

Best for: the tech-savvy

Five LG TVs with webOS: