The best Smart TV platforms in the world 2017

Panasonic Firefox OS

2. Panasonic: My Home Screen 2.0

If you live in the UK, Panasonic's My Home Screen 2.0 is the best-looking and most easily customisable smart TV platform around.

Panasonic's smart TV interface has had a complete overhaul  (then known as Firefox OS) and the new interface has been renamed to My Home Screen 2.0, though it bears no resemblance to version 1.0 from 2014. 

Much like Samsung and LG, Panasonic has abandoned the concept of having a separate smart TV homepage in favor of pop-up icons. However, these colorful, circular and very large icons appear stretched across the middle of the screen in a dynamically responsive carousel.

It's simple stuff, with icons for my TV, apps, devices, inputs, and specific TV channels all presented. It's also by far the easiest smart TV interface to customize, with apps or services can be 'pinned' to the carousel in seconds.

There is also a Home page, but it's a lot less cluttered than in previous years, containing just 14 apps, though the range is still limited.

Up front is a link to Panasonic's apps market, alongside pre-loaded apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant, YouTube, AccuWeather, and links to the TV's internal features and services including a calendar, inputs, TV channels and a web browser provided by – you guessed it – Firefox.

However, it is a fairly basic browser.

Panasonic also has a UK-centric digital TV; the aging ace up its sleeve.

Just as Sony unleashed YouView to its Bravia TVs, the Viera instead got Freeview Play, which integrates catch-up TV services the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 into the core user interface.

Without Google Play, the My Home Screen 2.01 doesn't compare to Android TV on content, but Panasonic's OS is less prescriptive and much easier to customize. It's the best-looking, simplest smart TV interface yet.

Best for: your parents

Five Panasonic TVs with Firefox OS: