LG plotting Eee rival?

Korean manufacturers LG could be set to take on the burgeoning netbook market with rumours of an X110 due in October.

The low cost, low spec 'sub-notebook' market is a massive growth area following the success of Asus' Eee PC.

But with the likes of Acer - with their well received Aspire One, HP, MSI and Dell all bringing out rivals it's rapidly becoming a crowded market.

Autumn arrival

However, this doesn't appear to have deterred LG, with The Register picking out a German language site called Notebook Journal which reports that the X110 from LG will arrive in the Autumn.

Rumours point to a 9 inch display, 120 GB hard drive, the increasingly ubiquitous Intel Atom processor – a low-power chip designed for this market – and 2GB of memory.

Integrated HSDPA will be available in a more expensive model – believed to be priced at around €499 (£395) with the more basic model priced at €399 (£316).