Office for Mac 2011 with Lion features coming 'in months'

But no support for Office 2004

Microsoft has revealed that Office for Mac 2011 will be updated to incorporate Mac OS X Lion features, with the upgrade arriving in a matter of months.

Pat Fox, from Microsoft's Office team blogged that the software would be getting Auto Save, Versions and fullscreen mode support.

He also explained that the wait for the new software will be "measured in months not days", meaning a release date is still a little way off; not brilliant news for users who have already upgraded to Lion.

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Meanwhile, he confirmed that Office for Mac 2004 "will not (ever) work on Lion", due to the absence of the Rosetta code needed to make the Lion OS compatible, adding that "Now would be a great time to upgrade to Office for Mac 2011 if you're upgrading to Lion!"

Mac users getting frustrated with repeated crashes in Lion can download a new update for Communicator for Mac, however, which should solve some issues.

The update should be pushed through on Microsoft AutoUpdate in the next few days.

If you haven't checked out Mac OS X Lion yet, have a watch of our hands on video with the new OS so you can at least act like you have.

Via MacNN


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