Microsoft reveals how to get an adult app into Windows Marketplace

Microsoft is planning a more stringent approach to 'racy' apps in its Windows Marketplace, suggesting a few ways that adult app makers can be a little more subtle.

Ultimately sexual content apps are always liable to be popular, something Microsoft is aware of.

But while attempting to allow adults to have access to adult content, the software giant is keen that developers adopt a mature approach to mature content.


"Recently we decided that we could improve the shopping experience for all our customers by a more stringent interpretation and enforcement of our existing content policy," stated Microsoft's Todd Brix on the Windows Team blog.

Brix: "Showing male or female models in silhouette, for example, is one possible alternative"

"Specifically, we will be paying more attention to the icons, titles, and content of these apps and expect them to be more subtle and modest in the imagery and terms used.

"This is about presenting the right content to the right customer and ensuring that apps meet our standards."

So what does Microsoft expect an adult content icon to look like in its brave new world?

"...there are plenty of creative and appropriate ways to comply: showing male or female models in silhouette, for example, is one possible alternative."

Of course, we're now worried that a Tales of the Unexpected app would be badged as adult.