Best e-commerce website builder: 8 reviewed

SiteSpinner Pro

To use SiteSpinner Pro, you need a bit of experience - and a lot of patience


Rather than going out of its way to appeal to new users, SiteSpinner Pro sticks to a plain and no-nonsense approach. We found that how well you get on with it really depends on your previous experience of creating websites.

If you're confident making websites and want to get started straight away then you'll appreciate SiteSpinner Pro's straightforward design. If you're new to website design, however, you may feel lost when presented with a blank page and lots of unfamiliar tools.

We found that making a website from scratch took a great deal longer than with the other programs.

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Namesco Ecommerce Starter

Namesco Ecommerce Starter is an affordable tool for creating e-commerce sites


While many website creation programs include e-commerce tools that let you sell products through your newly-created website, sometimes they feel like an afterthought. Not so with Namesco Ecommerce, an online service that focuses on making sites for online shops.

This is a great package if you're looking to make money out of your website, but if you just want to make a personal website, then the advanced e-commerce tools will be wasted, and you're better off going for a software package with a broader remit.

Namesco Ecommerce was easy to get started with, and the Setup Assistant walkthrough did a good job of displaying the templates and giving us an idea of what our website would look like.

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Mr Site Storefront Pro Seller

With Mr Site Storefront Pro Seller, making and managing online stores is easy

Mr site

The Mr Site brand is known for making the process of creating and editing websites very easy. Mr Site Storefront is a new product that focuses on e-commerce. Previous Mr Site products featured basic selling tools, similar to most of the other site creation programs we've tested here, so how well does Mr Site Storefront fare with this new focus?

The answer is very well. Eschewing some of the more conventional tools included with most website building services, Mr Site Storefront is an excellent choice for creating a website designed to make you money.

As with the Namesco Ecommerce service, if selling products isn't your website's primary goal then you're going to find the features quite limiting.

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MAGIX Website Maker 5 Deluxe

MAGIX Website Maker 5 Deluxe is more suited to personal sites than online businesses


Xara, the company behind Web Designer 7 Premium, was acquired by the German software firm MAGIX AG in 2007. While MAGIX continued creating its own brand of website creation software, Xara was able to remain autonomous.

This means that while two competing products have come from the same parent company, there's little crossover between them.

Essentially, Xara Web Designer 7 Premium is a desktop application aimed more towards people with web design experience, while MAGIX Website Maker 5 Deluxe is more suited to casual users and beginners.

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The best e-commerce site builder is...

Editor's choice

Mr Site Storefront Pro Seller
Price: £25 a month

It might not be the most in-depth website builder on the market, but if you want a dependable product for creating a professional-looking online shop, with great tools that can really help make your business a success, then Mr Site Storefront is an excellent tool.

There's lots of scope for starting your own business and making money online, and we feel that Mr Site Storefront is the best tool to help you achieve this.

Verdict: 4/5

Value award

Namesco Ecommerce Starter
Price: £8 a month

Although Doodlekit is free to use, we believe that the Starter package of Namesco Ecommerce software represents much better value, as it comes with some excellent features for creating a website designed for making money.

For £8 a month you get a .uk domain name, 1GB of web space and the ability to host 100 products. As your business grows, the Professional package also provides excellent value for money with more space and room for 2,000 products for £17.

Verdict: 5/5