Samsung mobile and Smart TV services temporarily extinguished by building fire

A fire at a Samsung IT building in Korea caused several Samsung mobile and Smart TV services to misfire this weekend.

The blaze, which is now under control, saw many users experience error messages with apps and services on Saturday and some of Sunday, lasted several hours, but normal service has now been resumed.

The fire also knocked out Samsung's official website, as well as apps for smartphones, tablets, televisions and Blu-ray players.

Fortunately, despite some scary-looking photos and video footage, there were no fatalities.

Worldwide outages

Perhaps worryingly for Samsung, is the effect the blaze had on so many services in so many territories, with users in the US, UK and Europe among other places taking to Twitter to report errors.

The firm has released a statement to confirm everything is up and running again and says it plans to investigate the cause of the fire.

You can see footage of the blaze in the video below.

Via Engadget