Mod makes it easy to install Facebook Home on almost any Android device

On Friday Facebook Home arrived on the Google Play store, but only in the US and only on four devices, leaving the vast majority of Android users out in the cold.

However, MoDaCo founder Paul O'Brien has offered a solution for curious social networkers by opening up the app for pretty much all Android devices, regardless of their location and the hardware they're using.

If you have an approved device like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One X or One X+ then O'Brien has a patched version of the Facebook Home APK, which by-passes the location check.

Those users simply have to enter their Android settings and allow for apps from untrusted sources to be installed, while ensuring they have the newest versions of the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

Unsupported devices

For those not using the supported devices, things become a little more complicated, but the process will not require anything too strenuous.

They'll have to delete the official versions of the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps and download O'Brien's patched versions of those in order for Facebook Home to work.

After that, simply "sign in and in the Facebook application's 'Settings' menu the Facebook Home option should appear for you," O'Brien posted on the instructions page.

The only folks that may have trouble with the mods may be those with handsets that have Facebook baked into the OS. Overcoming that obstacle would require rooting the device and removing the app yourself.

Have you activated Facebook Home on an unsupported Android device? Let us know how you get on in the comments section below.