Zune flops on Microsoft's own Black Friday

Barely makes Amazon's top 75 most popular products

Last Friday, the US experienced one of its busiest shopping days of the entire year, both for physical retailers and online shops. Despite this, sales figures from Amazon.com showed alarming numbers for Microsoft's new Zune music player towards the end of Black Friday.

Black Friday follows the Thanksgiving holiday, and is traditionally seen as the start of the Christmas retail period. It's a hectic day for shops and e-tailers around the US, many of which open early, offering special discounts on products for one day only.

Amazon.com is one of the largest online retailers in the US , and Microsoft must have been hoping that sales of its Zune player were going to be red hot on Black Friday. However, when the dust settled it turned out that not many Americans had been tempted by the Zune.

By late Friday night, the Zune had only managed 75th place in Amazon's list of top-selling products . At the time of writing it had dropped even further, to the 84th spot.

Media players from SanDisk, Creative and Machspeed all clocked up higher sales figures and, unsurprisingly, Apple took the top spot. Apple also dominated the list with 10 iPod products among the top 25 sellers.