It seems like wearables are going to be the next big thing, with Android Wear about to push smartwatches into the mainstream and Google Glass adding smarts to glasses.

We've seen a few other smart glasses and headsets pop up since Google first entered the space and now Lenovo appears to be working on its own take on the concept.

A patent filed by Lenovo at the United States Patent and Trademark Office details an 'electronic device and sound capturing method' which looks a whole lot like Google Glass.

The device features bone conducting microphones which would allow for wireless communication alongside a heads-up display and audio and video recording capabilities.

Lenovo smart glasses

Rise of the glasses

Lenovo hasn't named the device in the patent and having a patent for something doesn't mean it's ever going to become a commercially available thing, but it shows that Lenovo is at least exploring smart glasses.

You never know, Lenovo might yet enter the space and deliver a competitor to Google Glass and Samsung's Gear Glass.