26 essential iPod and iPhone timesavers

Make your iPod and iPhone quicker, smarter and simpler to use

22. Quickly delete movies
Rather than connecting to iTunes to delete your movies, just use your iPhone. When you have finished watching a film your iPhone will give you the option to delete it directly, in order to save space. Click and hold on a movie's name and swipe your finger to the right to reveal the Delete option.

23. Quickly delete applications from iPhone
Press and hold down on any third-party app and all app icons will start to wobble. You can then click the black X to delete an app. Press the Home button to return to normal use.

24. Quickly locate your nearest train station when out
If you're out and about with an iPhone, download MyRail Lite for free from the App Store. It will use your phone connection to identify your nearest railway stations and display the arrivals and departures. It will also display the same for any mainland UK rail station. It's far easier and much quicker than calling the station or running a web search to find out exactly the same information!

25. Save and send images from Safari easily
If you press and hold down on an image in Safari, you will be able to save the picture to the photo roll. From there, you can select Email Photo to send it on to someone.

26. Manage emails faster
In the inbox of a mail account on your iPhone, hit Edit and then press the circle to the left of each mail to mark it for deletion, pressing Delete at the end. In this way you can quickly multiple-delete mails.


First published in MacFormat, Issue 205

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