Christmas gifts for photographers

Inspiring photography-related gifts for the festive season

Christmas gifts for photographers

The Coordinate Gear PIONEER

Manfrotto BeFree

Price: £174.95/US$199.89

A compact, lightweight tripod designed for jet-set photographers, the Manfrotto BeFree has plenty of features that help it to live up to its name.

With a closed length of just 40cm, the aluminium BeFree can be securely packed inside carry-on luggage and backpacks. It achieves this remarkable level of compactness thanks to its unique design that allows the legs to fold neatly around the tripod head and quick release plate.

It may be small, but it's still sturdy, with a maximum load of up to 4kg and new patented leg angle selectors for greater versatility when positioning your camera on uneven ground and - weighing in at just 1.4kg itself - owners will barely notice it's in their kit bag until they need it.

Christmas gifts for photographers

The Manfrotto BeFree

Manfrotto Pixi

Price: £24.95/US$24.88

Not to leave out the CSC (Compact System Camera) owners out there, Manfrotto has developed a pint-sized tripod to pair with the equally petite cameras that so many photographers are opting for these days.

The Pixi has a maximum load capacity of 1kg, making it ideal for use with devices ranging from the iPhone (with KLYP) and CSCs, right up to some entry-level DSLRs.

Made from stainless steel and Adapto for a tactile, lightweight finish, the Pixi includes a ball head with a new push-button mechanism that allows for quick adjustments of its position, automatically locking once the button is released.

Ease of use, compatibility with a wide range of devices (via its ¼" screw thread) and its miniscule closed length of 18.5cm make the Pixi a great choice for owners of smaller photographic devices that want to keep their kit bag as light as possible, without sacrificing stability.

Christmas gifts for photographers

The Manfrotto Pixi

Just Pro Cleaning Kit

Price: £76.95

Although built-in sensor cleaning technology generally does a decent job of keeping the worst of the muck off modern cameras' sensor modules, they are by no means fool-proof.

Over time, it's not unusual to find the odd stubborn speck appearing in the same place in your photos, signalling the need for a bit of manual maintenance.

Just's Pro Cleaning kits include everything you need for the job, as well as a range of additional tools and cleaning solutions to keep your cameras and lenses spick and span too.

Inside the neat zipped pouch there's a set of 10 Photographic Solutions Sensor Swabs, a bottle of Photographic Solutions Eclipse Cleaning Fluid, 25 Photographic Solutions PEC*PADS lens wipes, a Kinetronics Speckgrabber in a Storage Tube, Kinetronics StaticWISK Anti-Static Brush in a Storage Case, a large Micro fibre Cleaning Cloth, a Just Super Anti-Static Cleaning Cloth and a Silicone Jumbo Blower.

The kit is available with differently sized swabs to fit your camera's individual sensor size, so check compatibility before purchasing.

Christmas gifts for photographers

The Just Pro Cleaning Kit

Verbatim MediaShare Wireless

Price: £49.99/US$43.18

This wireless portable streaming device from Verbatim promises 'infinite storage capacity' and support for live streaming of video and audio to your tablet or smartphone directly from portable storage media such as SD cards, USB drives or portable HDDs.

It does so via a secure wireless connection, regardless of your location, with the impressive added ability to allow up to five users to access and share content at the same time.

With plenty of appeal for tablet/smartphone owners, tech-savvy families and solo travellers alike, the MediaShare Wireless is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that claims to keep you going for up to nine hours, with recharging achieved via USB.

Due to its compatibility with removable storage media, space is unlimited, plus the MediaShare can deal with simultaneous upload, download and streaming, ensuring uninterrupted sharing and playback of your multimedia files.

Christmas gifts for photographers

The Verbatim MediaShare Wireless