Christmas gifts for photographers

Inspiring photography-related gifts for the festive season

Flash-lit photos can often be plagued by harsh highlights and/or unflattering shadows; this collapsible, portable softbox helps to overcome these issues, enabling the photographer to achieve more even, diffuse lighting with greater ease.

Made from rip-stop fabric, the durable Ezybox Speed-lite measures 22cm x 22cm and features removable inner and outer diffusers which - when used in combination - produce a two-stop light loss: perfect for softly illuminating everything from people to products.

Christmas gifts for photographers

The Ezybox Speed-lite

Lastolite Trigrip Reflector (Gold/White)

Guide price: £65/US$69.99

The unique design of the Lastolite Trigrip Reflector offers a greater level of stability than that provided by a regular circular version.

The triangular shape allows the user to employ it one-handed as it retains its shape without the need for any added support.

The 75cm version of the Trigrip range features a moulded handle and a strap to wrap around the operator's hand for extra security and accuracy when it comes to positioning it. The result is a lightweight, easy-to-use reflector that allows light to be directed with precision, without the need for a separate stand support system.

The reversible nature of the Trigrip Reflector adds to its versatility, allowing for neutral white or warmer gold light to be reflected onto your subject (other colour combinations are available).

The whole thing collapses down into a neat, portable package, complete with its own bag for easy storage and transport.

A prime example of a simple, versatile product that will enhance any photographer's light-shaping tool kit.

Christmas gifts for photographers

Lastolite Trigrip Reflector

Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Mk II

Guide price: from £57 (for 37mm filter)

The second generation of the Light Craft Workshop Neutral Density (ND) Fader filters build on the success of the original version, which helped put the manufacturer on the map.

A popular choice among filmmakers to accurately fine-tune exposure while shooting, the filter also has its appeal for use with stills photography.

Its innovative design allows the density of the filter - and the subsequent amount of light it allows to pass through it - to be adjusted to suit the situation, from anything between ND4 to ND400; around two to eight stops.

ND filters are handy tools for creative photographers looking to add special effects to their images, allowing the user to employ slower shutter speeds to capture movement, for example, or to allow a larger aperture to be used under bright light.

Vignetting is avoided with the ND Fader's incorporation of a larger front glass element than that at the rear: a design feature that also allows for stacking of filters of different sizes without the need for an additional step-up ring.

Available in a range of sizes, landscape shooters and all-round creatives would be happy to find one of these in their stocking this Christmas.

Christmas gifts for photographers

The LightCraft Fader ND

Cokin Graduated ND starter kit

Guide price: £40/US$49.63

The Cokin P-Series ND Graduated Filter Kit is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts and pros alike.

The kit contains everything you to get shooting: a P-Series filter holder, P121L NDx2 Filter (gradual grey light), P121M NDx4 Filter (gradual grey medium) and the P121S NDx8 Filter (gradual grey soft).

Having the full set allows the user to precisely control the amount of light allowed to enter the lens, with the option of using single filters or stacking them in the holder for a more intense effect.

As the P-Series filters are designed to accommodate larger diameter lenses up to 82mm, with a recommended starting focal length of 28mm (35mm equivalent) they're versatile enough to be used in a wide range photographic situations - just choose the correct adapter ring to fit your lens(es) (purchased separately) and you can start getting creative right away.

Christmas gifts for photographers

The Cokin P-Series ND Graduated Filter Kit

Western Digital My Cloud

Guide price: £150/US$219.99

Aside from the novelty of being able to say you own your own cloud, this piece of kit gives you some serious security when it comes to storing and accessing your files - wherever you roam.