Best ultra wide-angle lens for Nikon DSLRs: 8 tested

Ultra wide lenses to help you see the big picture

Best ultra wide angle lens for nikon dslrs 8 tested

Lens hood

A flower-shaped lens hood comes with most ultra-wide lenses, and is useful for minimising ghosting and flare. In some cases, the hood is built into the lens.

Filter thread

Not all ultra-wide lenses have a thread for attaching filters. They're absent on the Samyang and Tokina 10-17mm ones, and can only be used at the longest zoom on the Sigma 8-16mm lens.

Mounting plate

All the lenses featured in this group have sturdy metal mounting plates, rather than the plastic mounts that are fitted to some cheap lenses.


Ring-type ultrasonic autofocus is best - it offers very fast and near-silent operation, along with full-time manual override.

Zoom range

A bigger zoom range can be a bonus, but for ultra-wide lenses a short minimum focal length is the key factor. About 10mm is ideal.

Focus distance scale

This is an advantage because it enables you to manually set the hyperfocal distance, for maximum depth of field in landscape photography.