Best photo book: 10 reviewed

Bonusprint offers downloadable software, an online Flash-based design tool, and an iPad app. All three methods have a fast image importer that means you can create your photo book in a jiffy. Even large files in excess of 20Mb didn't prove a problem for the software.

The software has an intuitive layout, where clicking to drag an image's position or pulling its corners to resize will feel natural to designers and Photoshop users. Image aspect ratios can be retained, or you can crop and re-proportion images too. Photos can also be enlarged within the program by using a slider once an image is clicked, and it's also possible to set transparency for quirky effects.

Bonusprint software interface

Bonusprint software interface

Bonusprint's photo book software offers plenty of text options too. You can select from 90 fonts, use underline or strikethrough, select from a full colour gamut and apply drop-shadow effects.

The Landscape XL books start at £49.99 (add £5 for a printed cover), while the Large and Medium versions are a more affordable £24.99 and £13.99 respectively. Square book options are also available.

Postage varies depending on the book size ordered, and the extra £7.99 on top of the XL is something to consider when ordering.

Bonusprint's turnaround period was impressive, with the book landing on the doormat just six working days after ordering. The book has reasonable print quality, although prints have lighter tones, and shadow areas were less dominant than in the competition's prints – in some cases this may work as a benefit to avoid muddy shots, but it also means shots lack the same richness and depth they could possess.

Product details

Price: £49.99 (24-page Landscape XL – Hard Cover)
Size: 39x29cm
Postage: £7.99

Formats: Mac and PC download or online, plus iPad app
Delivery time: Six working days

We like

Software, online, iPad options
Plenty of control over design
Quick image preview

We dislike

Needs more pro-spec upload options


3 stars