Best camera remote shutter releases

Avoid camera shake with these remote releases

Best camera remote shutter releases

For outright versatility, there's little to choose between the Hahnel Giga T Pro II and the Phottix Aion.

Both controllers offer a full array of drive modes, selectable on the transmitters, plus long-exposure options, programmable self-timer delay and fully adjustable interval settings for time-lapse photography. Both can be used in wired or wireless mode and come with cables to suit any DSLR.

For our money, the Hahnel just wins out thanks to its dual interval option, which enables you to set up short bursts of shots at intervals within a longer time-lapse sequence. It's also cheaper, and has a greater wireless range of 100m, against the Phottix's 60m.

The Hama Timer Remote is a good option for wired time-lapse shooting, while Hama's Wireless Remote is cost-effective if you don't need time-lapse options. For a basic remote, the Hahnel HRC280 is unbeatable value.