Best camera backpack: 10 tested

Best photography backpack 10 tested

Hama Katoomba 170RL - £70 (about $112)

Uniquely among our test group, the Hama Katoomba 170RL uses a 'slingback' design, featuring a single shoulder strap that you wear across your body, in the same style as a messenger bag. A neat trick is that you can slide the shoulder strap to one side or the other, depending on whether you prefer to dress to the left or right.

Carrying weight feels reasonably well distributed between the chosen shoulder and your lower back, and stability is further aided by a secondary chest strap. Even so, when the bag is fully loaded it lacks the comfort offered by a conventional two-strap backpack.

Divided between a lower camera section and an upper multi-purpose compartment, space for camera kit is always going to be a bit limited. It'll take a DSLR with kit lens, a further three lenses and a flashgun, but that's all you'll squeeze in. Anything bigger than a typical 70-300mm f/4-5.6 won't fit.

One bonus point is that the side-opening photo compartment makes it very easy to slide the Hama Katoomba 170RL around on your shoulder and gain quick access to your camera without having to take the backpack off altogether. There's no laptop compartment here, but little extras include a couple of memory card holders and a slip-over rain cover.

Score: 3.5/5