Best camera backpack: 10 tested

Best photography backpack 10 tested

Tamrac Adventure 9 - £90/$150

A capacious backpack, the Adventure 9 combines a separate daypack and photo section, but you can knock these through into one large compartment by undoing the Velcro-fixed central divider. In regular two-section mode, the bottom half has plenty of room for a DSLR with fitted 70-300mm lens and four other lenses (or three plus a flashgun).

The compartment is noticeably deeper than many, and has no problem taking a big body, such as a Canon EOS 7D, complete with attached battery grip. Small models, such as a Canon EOS 1100D, can actually feel a bit lost.

For those who like to be compartmentalised, there's a wealth of memory card and battery organisers, built into the internal sides of the cover flaps, plus a 'pop-off pocket' ideal for mains chargers and cables. Straps are available for lashing a tripod to slots on the underside of the pack, but these have to be purchased separately.

Another clue as to the larger-than-average build is that the backpack has an extra section for a 17-inch laptop, which can easily take 15.6-inch widescreen models. With its well-fitting harness, complete with chest and waist straps, the Tamrac Adventure 9 lives up to its name. There's no slip-on rain cover but it's very water-resistant, right down to its weatherproof zips.

Score: 4.5/5