YotaPhone: 10 things you need to know


6. YotaPhone: Connectivity

In order to be able to show off all the right data at the right time on its e-ink display, the YotaPhone has to be well connected. Thankfully, it comes with a large array of features to keep your hips joined to the mobile world.

You'll be able to wander around knowing where you are, streaming music and reading lots more interesting tech as 4G, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and GLONASS are all supported.

Wi-Fi is also supported, to a/b/g/n standards, although there is no word on whether DLNA streaming is enabled.

7. YotaPhone: Design

Following nigh in every smartphone design before it, the YotaPhone comes with an all glass front, with a glass back to support that e-ink display.

This is all fitted into a chassis measuring 133.6 x 67 x 10mm, weighing 146g. This makes it considerably larger than the 107g S4 Mini and 122g One Mini.

There are no buttons to speak of on the front or back, with only a volume rocker on the side. The YotaPhone also curves in slightly at the back, giving the top a slight wedge look.


8. YotaPhone: Battery

An 1800mAh battery sits inside the YotaPhone, putting it on par with its mid-range brethren. They don't have a second screen to power though.

Yota claim that the YotaPhone comes with 7-10 times more battery life than its competitors, at least whilst in reading mode. This isn't too hard to imagine, as the original Kindle had a quoted battery life of a month.

Whether or not the battery will be sufficient to last a whole day we'll have to wait to see, but if we're spending less time looking at a power hungry LCD display, that can't be bad thing.

9. YotaPhone: Price

The YotaPhone will be available across Europe at around €499 (around £400). This makes it a little more expensive than both the HTC One Mini and Galaxy S4 Mini.

It also makes it around 3 time the price of the Moto G, the wallet friendly mid-range handset which sports a better processor, similar display and a lower res camera.


10. YotaPhone: Release Date

If you're currently living in, or holidaying to Russia or Germany this Christmas, you'll be able to get your hands on the YotaPhone. It will be available across 20 European and the Middle Eastern markets by the end of Q1 2014, including the UK.

As far as the likes of Australia and US are concerned, there's currently no timetable for an international release in these areas.