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Samsung GALAXY Note II Photo Note

Remember the days when people spent hours cataloguing their photographs? Painstakingly recording who was in them, where they were taken and just what was going on to make that seaside donkey look so surprised?

It was a chore largely reserved for rainy Sundays, but without such dedication by your parents and your parents' parents, how would future generations ever know that was you, aged six, looking slightly ill at Alton Towers?

Well, watch out wet weekends, because now the Samsung GALAXY Note II is here, allowing you to record the stories behind your snaps as instantly as you take them!

With its nifty Photo Note functionality, combined with the innovative S Pen, the Note II lets you flip over you photos, then jot down whatever you want on the back.

Never forget

Samsung GALAXY Note II Photo Note

It's the perfect way to make your memories last – binding your thoughts at that moment to the snapshot you just created, and personalising it forever so it doesn't become just another anonymous file.

With an easy 'undo' option and an erase function, you can be sure to pen the perfect message every time, while the generous 5.5-inch screen gives you loads of room to write as much or as little as you want.

When you're finished, simply tap 'Done'. Whenever you come back to your annotated photo, the top right-hand corner will be slightly folded over. Tap here and the picture will turn over, so you can see (or add to) your notes and relive the moment over again.

It's the perfect way to make your snaps even snappier!


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