What's in the running for Phone of the Year at the T3 Awards?

TechRadar's team give their shortlist thoughts

Hugh Langley: "Did the BlackBerry Z10 deliver the goods as the first BB10 handset? With that 4.2-inch HD display, stylish design and 8MP camera, it would be tough to say no. But as great as it was, it's hard to argue it offered anything special. Which is why it wasn't the phone to save BlackBerry."

Samsung Galaxy S4:

TechRadar Samsung Galaxy S4 review: 4.5 stars

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Gareth Beavis: "The Samsung Galaxy S4 takes power to the next level, with a supreme screen, strong camera and solid design. The South Korean firm should be applauded for its bravery too... The reams of innovative new features in board may not all be useful, but at least it's working out what the next big thing will be in smartphones."

TechRadar UK deputy editor Marc Chacksfield: "The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a no-brainer for me. Superior AMOLED screen, sizzling processor, expandable memory, a tie-up with Dropbox and touchless gestures are just a few reasons why it became my phone of choice this year. I do wish Samsung would move away from plastic, though - the chassis is the only thing that lets this superb smartphone down."

Sony Xperia Z1

TechRadar Sony Xperia Z1 review: 4 stars

Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1

John McCann: "Supremely powerful and outstandingly specced the Sony Xperia Z1 is, on paper at least, a solid gold winner (It's not gold though, it's black). There are a few niggles with the interface and excessive levels of bloatware, but if you're in the market for a super slim smartphone with 20MP camera and waterproof credentials, look no further."

Gareth Beavis: "The Sony Xperia Z1 is another great step away from the troubled Sony Ericsson venture - and now imbued with all the great tech the Japanese firm has to offer, the Z1 packs an impossible amount of tech into one thin frame. Be it compact camera-level snapping, TV-spec visuals and a simplified UI there's a load of reasons to see this as another moment in Sony's smartphone revolution."



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