34. Runtastic PRO

£4.99 ($4.99, $AU9.25)

Runtastic Pro

A hefty price, but what cost you not dying of obesity at age 52? That fitness promise is what you pay for here, with the GPS sports tracker able to map you, track you, automatically cheer you on, generate live feedback and more, also covering interval training and letting users create their own regular routes to attack again and again. Serious stuff for competitive people.

Tasker, Photoshop Touch and Sixaxis Controller
Tasker, Photoshop Touch and Sixaxis Controller

35. Tasker

£2.99 ($2.99, $AU5.53)

Tasker is one of the first, and best, task managers for Android. It does it all. Turns stuff on or off depending on location, manages multiple schedules for changing phone state depending on the time of day, even letting users have their phone automatically reply to text messages if it's set to a quiet state. It's complex, vast, and you'll wonder how you lived without it.

36. Photoshop Touch for Phone

£2.99 ($4.99, $AU5.53)

Adobe's official Android imaging app is streets ahead of the competition in terms of features, letting arty types manage layered PSD documents on the go, import fill textures live from the camera, with cloud support for saving images on your phone - then continuing the editing process on desktop. Or on your tablet. Or on your other phone.

37. Sixaxis Controller

£1.65 ($2.53, $AU3.00)

Been eying up one of those Bluetooth controllers to make the playing of your favourite games a little easier? If you have an old PS3 Sixaxis or DualShock 3 lying about, it might be an idea to try this first. It allows a decent number of Android phones to connect to a Sony controller via Bluetooth – plus there's a free compatibility checker app on Google Play too. Your phone or tablet must be rooted to use it, though, so it's a hardcore option only.

38. TuneIn Radio Pro

£2.40 ($3.99, $AU4.40)

TuneIn Radio Pro

Forget the physical side of radios, the best way to listen to random tunes and the occasional bit of travel news is online. TuneIn Radio is the most comprehensive internet radio player by far, offering masses of stations, favourite lists, and, in this paid upgrade, the ability to record direct off the radio.

39. Pocket Casts

£2.70 ($3.99, $AU5.00)

Pocket Casts

The podcast is another option when it comes to being entertained through your ears, with the stylish Pocket Casts one of the newest listening apps to hit Android. It comes with simple cloud syncing of your favourite subscriptions, variable speed playback for skipping the boring bits, themes auto downloads and… everything.

40. SoundHound

£3.99 ($4.99, $AU7.39)


SoundHound is best described as a companion app for music, letting users ID tracks by recording a clip and also attempting to guess the names of songs you sing and hum to it. It can also stream in lyrics, sell you stuff and bring in news feeds covering artists you like, making it a really swish hub for people who are 'into' music.

41. Jamie's 20 Minute Meals

£4.99, ($7.69, $AU9.25)

Jamie's 20 Minute Meals

Bosh this beauty on your phone, right, yeah? It's a fiver, but there are 65 recipes, photographs so you don't get the aubergines and cucumbers mixed up, plus a guarantee that you can have something a bit fancier than cheese on toast for dinner in 20 minutes. As long as you've got more things than cheese in your fridge to start with.

42. Press

£1.93 ($2.99, $AU3.50)


Press is a super-stylish RSS reader, one that comes with support for several of the services that sprang up to replace the sadly departed Google Reader. Import your stuff from Feedly, Feedbin and others, to see it presented in a huge variety of layout options. Offline support, background syncing and the ability to save articles to Instapaper and Pocket make it a superb hub for serious news fans.

43. gReader Pro

£3.19 ($4.69, $AU5.95)

gReader Pro

A more traditional method of scouring web site RSS feeds, gReader successfully updates the simplistic style of Google's Reader, compete with a custom layout for reading on tablets, offline reading, gesture actions, a widget and much more. It's properly jam-packed with ways to stare at endlessly updating lists of words.

44. CrossDJ

£3.29 ($4.99, $AU5.80)


Describes itself as a 'pro' DJ app for people who enjoy nodding along and pumping their fists in the air while someone else's record plays. The app comes with specialist features such as BPM tracking, pitch shifting and a split audio output for previewing tracks before they're mixed in, with filter effects in here too for adding a bit more oomph to whatever party you're ruining with your rubbish music.

45. UK Bus Checker


UK Bus Checker

The sensational sequel to London Bus Checker, this one switches the action to the public transport system of the entire UK. It has one huge boast to it, claiming to show bus times and route maps for every single bus stop in the country, which it combines with the bus network's GPS data to show exactly when your bus might show.

46. Reddit Sync Pro

£1.69 ($2.00, $AU3.00)

Reddit Sync Pro

That internet site you may have heard about, the one that does good things, interesting things and bad things, doesn't have an official app. But it does have heaps of unofficial ones, including this simple, pretty option that has the killer ability to sync threads for offline access. Never miss a celebrity pandering to the masses to promote a film or book again.

47. Biophilia

£8.99 ($12.99, $AU16.66)


The odd arty album project from Bjork brings you some music accompanied by videos and quite a few interactive elements that are part games and part modern art. It's like the future of music or something, especially if you like weird ambient tunes.

48. Electrum Drum Machine

£2.49 ($3.99, $AU4.50)


A simple yet relatively powerful rhythm sequencer for Android, Electrum lets users load up to 16 samples (including your own ones in WAV format), then bounce the results together in whatever musical genre you wish. It even supports USB MIDI controllers, for sticking your phone or tablet at the heart of a DIY budget mobile studio.

49. Camera 2

£1.79 ($2.19, $AU3.30)

Camera 2

The rather bold name is quite appropriate for this impressive app, which manages to adds loads of effects in real-time to your camera's viewfinder – including a live depth of field effect for tilt-shift action. It can even add effects to video clips, plus its filters can be retroactively applied to your existing image roll.

50. DSLR Controller

£5.94 ($7.99, $AU11.09)

DSLR Controller

Got a posh camera to go with your posh phone? Get a load of you. If so, you may as well blow a further bit of cash on this, a beta but still fully functional method of controlling a Canon EOS camera from an Android device. It allows masses of options to be configured remotely, altering the focus and accessing image previews, plus control of the aperture, ISO and pretty much everything Canon sticks in its high-end cameras.