Best business smartphones: top handsets for work

A round-up of the best smartphones on the market for business users

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: big picture thinking

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Multi-tasking is part of the parcel of business these days and what better phone to handle this than the Galaxy Note 4 with its stunning QHD (better than full HD) 5.7-inch display, S Pen stylus and serious power inside.

Strong battery life and expandable memory have always been key Galaxy Note features, but you can now add a more premium design to that list.

A metal frame runs round the circumference of the handset, and while the rear is still plastic it's a big step forward for Samsung and it's a welcome addition.

The S Pen has been given a boost with greater accuracy, making handwriting and multi-tasking even easier. Snap two apps side by side on screen if you want to up your efficiency even more.

Supersized smartphones are all the rage these days, even Apple has one, and if the Cupertino firm's styling and iOS heritage appeals to your business then check out the excellent 6 Plus.

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Nokia Lumia 1520: Microsoft maestros

Nokia Lumia 1520

If your business is already heavily invested in Microsoft's ecosystem when it comes to computing the natural progression to the pocket is a W indows Phone.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 packs in plenty of power, a full HD 6-inch display and high performing 20MP camera.

Add to that Microsoft's suite of Office applications which sync wirelessly to your phone and it's like you never left your desk with Outlook handling your mail and Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint always at your fingertips.

There's little needed in the way of training, as the Windows Phone 8.1 interface is incredibly intuitive and now sports more features commonly found in iOS and Android for a stronger smartphone showing.

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