The best Samsung Galaxy S5 deals and prices in January 2016

galaxy s5 deals and prices

Samsung's Galaxy S5 isn't the newest smartphone on the market, there has been the Galaxy S6 as well as two Note phablets, the snazzy curved-screen Edge and its Edge+ cousin, since this flagship, but don't let that put you off considering it. This phone was a superstar when it launched, and it remains a brilliant now. It has a few little annoyances that were addressed with the Galaxy S6 but in the long run those aren't particularly worth the extra money it'll cost you. It's an older phone so there are some great deals to make the most of. You can get extra data, accessories thrown in or even just really low price contracts that you wouldn't see for the latest version.

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There are some big advantages of having the S5 including a removable battery, meaning you can keep a spare one around for when your main one runs out. It's only available in a 16GB model now so there's also microSD support to add loads of extra space to the phone for music, videos and photos.

Speaking of photos the camera on this phone is amazing too. For all but the most demanding you'll be thrilled with the results, and while the S6 is even better it's not so pronounced as to make you sick with jealousy when a friend pulls out the newer model.

galaxy s6 deals

The best Galaxy S5 deals and prices:

Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 16GB
Given the flagship status of the Galaxy S5 at launch, it's odd to say it but this 16GB model is edging towards budget territory. But that's good news if you're looking for big features for a small price. In most regards, the S5 remains cutting edge. There's a 5.1-inch full HD AMOLED display, a fast quad-core processor, a 16MP camera with 4K video capability and, well, just a whole hunk of conspicuously high tech junk. If there is an area where it looks a little less clever, it's build quality. The S5's plastic chassis is a throwback now that the high end segment has gone metal and glass.

Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 32GB
The Galaxy S5 is that rarity among high end smartphones in that it allows you to upgrade local storage via a MicroSD slot. With that in mind, you might question how much sense it makes to pay extra for this larger 32GB version over the cheaper 16GB model. And you'd have a point. However, there are advantages to integrated storage. It tends to be faster, for starters, but there can also be limitations in terms of accessing external memory. Some apps don't always play nicely with MicroSD storage. That won't be a problem for music, but if you are big on apps, this 32GB bomb of a smartphone is probably your pick.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Fact file

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn't the newest smartphone on the block. Luckily, when Samsung rolled it out back in February 2014, they pretty much threw the kitchen sink at it.

For starters, that means a glorious 5.1-inch display based on AMOLED technology for the very best in contrast and colour saturation. Oh, and its 1080p full HD, too. CPU-wise were talking quad-core Krait 400 running at an epic 2.5GHz courtesy of the Snapdragon 801 system-on-a-chip.

In terms of image capturing prowess, the Galaxy S5 is bang up to date, the 16MP camera can capture video at 4K and 30 frames per second. For storage, there are 16GB and 32GB versions but critically there's a MicroSD slot allowing easy upgrades. System memory rocks in at 2GB.

As for the operating system, the Galaxy S5 orginally shipped with Android KitKat but that's since been upgraded to Lollipop. Oh, and the whole thing is water resistant up to 1m depth for 30 minutes, which is hand for those occasional trips and spills.