Apple iPhone will allow 3rd party apps

Steve Jobs says Apple looking at open apps for iPhone

Apple could open up the iPhone for third party applications later this year, Steve Jobs has suggested at the D: All Things Digital conference in California.

During a Q&A session Steve Jobs was asked about the openness of the iPhone and whether users could expect to be able to use third party applications.

His answer, according to a report on Engadget , suggested that Apple is working on making this possible. Addressing the issue of security, Jobs said: "This is an important tradeoff between security and openness. We want both." Jobs continued: "We'll find a way to let third parties write apps and still preserve security on the iPhone. But until we find that way we can't compromise the security of the phone."

According to a report on Gizmodo , Jobs added: "We've got good ideas and, sometime later this year, we can open it up to third-party apps, and keep security."

The questions to Steve Jobs came during an onstage interview with Wall Street Journal technology correspondent Walt Mossberg at the D: All Things Digital conference yesterday.