Nokia's Symbian gets Microsoft Office apps

Word, Powerpoint and Excel available today

Rather surprisingly Microsoft has launched its well known Office suite in app form for Nokia's Symbian mobile platform.

The Office mobile app integration already features on the Windows Phone operating system – which both Nokia and Microsoft are pushing hard – but the partnership has decided that it needs to feature Office on the already doomed Symbian as well.

In a press release the Finnish firm said: "Third party apps can be good, but they often don't feel quite like the real thing. That's why, as from today, you can download the Microsoft Office Mobile app right onto your Symbian smartphone."

Attempting to trump third party knock offs

Which is short translates to: we're missing out on money which is going to third party developers who are creating office compatible apps.

So which of you lucky Nokia owners are eligible for the Office mobile apps? Well from today anyone with a Nokia 701, Nokia 700, Nokia 603, Nokia E7, Nokia X7, Nokia C7, Nokia Oro, and Nokia C6-01 can get Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and Excel Mobile via the Nokia Software Update tool.

The Nokia N8, Nokia E6 and Nokia 500 are all in line to receive the apps in the future and the Finnish firm has also confirmed the 41MP camera toting Nokia 808 Pureview will ship with the Office Suite of applications.

From Nokia via The Register


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