Nexus One Google Phone priced - for France

What's an iPhone rival worth these days?

The Nexus One Google Phone has been given a (tentative) price for its impending release - although only for France.

Coming at €450 (£405), the phone would be sold SIM free, meaning users can pick it up and use it on any network in the region.

Cheaper for the UK?

However, Vodafone will be offering the device on contract in this region, a model likely to be mimicked in the UK as well.

The network is offering the phone for €200 (£180) with a monthly subscription of €50 (£45), although we'd imagine the UK would end up slightly cheaper with a two year deal.

We're still awaiting a UK release date, so as soon as we get the information from Google regarding a launch on these shores, we'll let you know.

Via MobileTechWorld and Engadget


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