Motorola Moto E release date: where can I get it?

Full blown Android, cut down prices

The Motorola Moto E launched as a supremely affordable smartphone boasting pure Android KitKat, a water-resistant splash guard and the promise of a full day's usage from a single charge.

SIM-free, the Moto E's recommended retail price is a palatable £89, but if you look around you may be able to find yourself a better deal on contract or PAYG.

As festival season fast approaches, our minds turn to low-cost handsets which can be slung around a campsite and hold their own in the mosh pit, and the Moto E certainly fits that bill.

It's also worth considering the Moto E if you're looking to transition to your first smartphone, or to treat your kids to their first mobile.

You can pick yourself up a Motorola Moto E right now, and here's where you need to be looking.


There's no SIM-free option over at O2 but you can pick the Moto G up for just £79.99 on pay-as-you-go. Top up £10 and you'll get 75 mins, 500 texts and 500MB of data to use in 30 days.

Those allowances increase after 3 and 9 months, but if you fancy a continuous stream of minutes, texts and data you're better off checking out the tariffs.

You can nab yourself a free Moto G from just £12 per month over two years, which gives you 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB of data.

Plump for the £22 per month option though and you'll get unlimited calls and texts plus 1GB of data.

Vodafone, EE and Three

EE is not stocking the Moto E - why? Well because it's not 4G enabled. That means it's also not available directly from 3G-loving Orange and T-Mobile.

Vodafone told us that it'll be stocking the handset but hasn't yet said when. However, we did wonder if it might steer clear as the Moto E is direct competition to its own brand Smart 4 Mini.

Phones 4U

There's SIM-free action at Phones 4U, where you can pick the Moto E up in either black or while for £89.95. That drops to £79.95 if you opt for a PAYG deal with Vodafone, Orange or T-Mobile.

For those of you wanting the Moto E on contract and are worried about O2 being your only option then there's good news - Phones 4U has tariffs with Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone on offer.

You can pick up a free Moto E on two year contracts starting at £13 per month, although at that price you'll only get 100MB of data each month.

If you're going to be a bit more active on mobile internet you're probably better off looking towards the £20 per month mark.

Carphone Warehouse

Wander into Carphone Warehouse in hope of a similar buffet of tariffs and you'll be disappointed. There's no sign of the Moto E anywhere. Sad face.

Online retailers

There are several online retailers also offering the Motorola Moto E SIM-free, although they are slightly more expensive.

Unlocked-Mobiles is asking for £94.98, Clove has the Moto E listed at £99 and Expansys is the most expensive at £99.99.


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