LG reveals the future of US mobile TV

CES 2008: MPH to improve TV viewing experience

In an attempt to bring TV with you wherever you go, LG has announced that it will unveil a new mobile technology at CES that will allow you to view over-the-air TV anywhere that signals are available.

Dubbed MPH, LG's Mobile Pedestrian Handheld standard will broadcast digital, over-the-air TV to portable devices, regardless of where they are being used. According to the company, signals can reach MPH devices moving up to 55 miles per hour (89 kilometres per hour) and will operate over the same frequencies as the existing Vestigial Side Band (VSB) standard.

MPH looks like it will be part of a US mobile TV standard, confusingly called Digital TV. Its likely to mirror mobile TV services that exist elsewhere in the world like Korea's Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB), Japan's 1Seg and Europe's Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld (DVB-H).

Of course, whether or not this actually comes to fruition will revolve around the devices that work with the new technology. According to one

, Kenwood has already announced a few entertainment systems that come with MPH-based DTV receivers. So far, LG has not announced any of its own devices working on the new technology, but products will almost surely be announced at CES.

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