Lexar next up with 32GB microSD cards

High speed transfer for smartphone users

Lexar has revealed a 32GB microSDHC card with a class 10 speed rating for fast transfer of images, video, music and other content.

The 32GB microSD card guarantees a minimum sustained write speed of 10MB per second for super speedy file transfer from phone to computer.

It also comes with a USB reader and file management software.

Powerful smartphones

It's not a ground-breaking product release given 32GB microSD cards are already on the market but it does show that the industry is moving towards SD cards with ever-more storage.

Not an entirely surprising progression, given the greater power of smartphones and the prevalence of HD video and higher-resolution photography.

Jim Chan, product marketing manager at Lexar, said: "Today's users rely on their mobile devices, beyond talk and email, for capturing live moments and downloading their favourite content – whether it's photos, music, or HD video – and they want the flexibility to store and share them on demand.

"It is with this knowledge that we've developed this convenient, all-in-one solution to enable users to not only capture moments and download content, but also to move these to a computer or social media sites easily."

The new cards will cost a whopping £99.99 to buy - so you'd have to really want to performance and storage in your shiny new mobile to bag the extra performance.


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