iOS 6: Apple unveils 'World's most advanced mobile operating system'

Big changes ahoy for your phone and tablet

FaceTime evolution

Finally for all of those people hamstrung by FaceTime and no Wi-Fi, the world is now a brighter place, as you can now access the service over 3G.

Moreover, Apple has integrated it with your Apple ID, so you can choose to accept the call (or iMessage) on another device, such as the iPad if you want the big-screen experience.

Device syncing is included as well - meaning you can save pages to read later and see them cached on your devices for offline reading. Plus you can now upload photos directly from Safari... we're truly living in the future here, right?

Don't cross the Photostreams

Apple has announced shared Photostreams to get you chucking pics across to your buddies. This means a simple selection of the friends you care about to see your snaps, and then sends a push notification to them.

The photos go across a web browser, on an Apple TV, Mac or other iDevice - and you can even comment on them too.

VIP Mail is also included, as we expected. This bumps your favourite people up to the status of messages, so you can see them on the lockscreen.

It's now much easier to insert photo and video and you've got a flagged inbox option if you're so inclined - and Apple has made a 'fun new animation' to let you get to new messages.

Passbook your life

Another new feature for iOS 6 is an all new app that lets you combine all your passes into one place, allowing you to keep movie tickets, airline boarding passes and store cards in one place.

Even more impressively, the movie ticket will pop up when you enter the theatre. Store cards are also automatically updated with balances as well, and coupons and the like are also included, as well as cards for hotels to help you keep all of your life in your iPhone. Scary thought.

Push notifications are also supported - get a delay on your plane, see it on the lock screen and you're taken straight to the pass to check it.

Big changes?

Guided Access is also a new feature allowing teachers and parents to lock the level of use on an iDevice, allowing children to be kept on a single app or certain features to be disabled.

New privacy controls are included as well, plus separate signatures for personal and work emails. If you lose the iOS device, a message can be sent to the phone and the number on screen will be dialled automatically when tapped.

The new iteration will come to: the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad and the iPod touch fourth gen devices.

The iOS 6 release date has been set for this autumn, which means the mooted launch for September seems well on track too.