In pictures: How to get Windows Mobile 6.5

All the phones with latest Microsoft mobile OS

  • Samsung Omnia II

Samsung omnia 2

Key features: OLED screen, VGA 30fps video camera

Carrier: Orange

Availability: Now

  • Samsung Omnia LITE

Samsung omnia lite

Key features: Budget Omnia, 3D media player

Carrier: Orange

Availability: Now

  • Samsung Omnia B7320

Samsung omnia b7230

Key features: Only WinMo handset without touch support, Blackberry-a-like QWERTY keyboard

Carrier: Orange

Availability: Coming weeks

  • Toshiba TG01 W (Also as an upgrade to current TG01 owners)

Toshiba tg01

Key features: 4.1-inch screen

Carrier: Orange

Availability: Now

  • LG GM750

LG gm750

Key features: S-Class Windows Mobile skin, only 12.9mm thick

Carrier: Vodafone

Availability: Now

  • Omnia PRO B7610

Samsung omnia pro

Key features: QWERTY slide out keyboard, 5MP camera

Carrier: Unknown

Availability: October


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