How to make a girl's clothes disappear with an Apple iPhone

How to look good naked

Weirdly we fancy her more in her power suit than we do when an iPhone app transposes someone else s naked body onto her photograph

Remember those X-Ray Spex that you bought out of the back of a Marvel Comic when you were ten in order to look through girl's skirts? The ones that didn't work? Well, a new iPhone app claims it will let you do exactly the same thing.

Yep, that's right. If you have an iPhone and want to look at what girls in the street would look like without any clothes on, then you need to download Nude It.

Naked augmented reality

The Nude It app for iPhone is described as a "funny Augmented Reality application for the iPhone that lets you see through clothes", and has been lovingly created by Presselite, a leading augmented reality developer.

"Simply point your iPhone at a friend (less than 2m from you), and using Nude It scanning technology, you will see him or her totally nude", says the developer.

"But everybody looks the same?" says the immediately disgruntled customer.

59p. For a bit of a laugh. If you are very bored.