Dell Venue Pro shipping delay confirmed

Seems early release dates were incorrect

After a few weeks of release date speculation, Dell has confirmed to TechRadar that its Venue Pro model launch has been delayed.

The QWERTY keyboard-toting Dell Venue Pro is the first in the UK to rock a full set of keys on Windows Phone 7, and some online retailers were stating it would be released on 2 Febuary.

However, Dell has confirmed shipping won't be any time soon, and declined to give an exact UK release date:

"We have seen a very positive response to the Dell Venue Pro, the first vertical QWERTY Windows Phone 7 Smartphone, from both media and customers," Ellen Murphy, Dell's EMEA Consumer PR Manager, told TechRadar.

"Unfortunately we have experienced some delays in the shipment of the Dell Venue Pro for select regions, including the UK, and we will offer it for sale once we are completely satisfied and ready to do so.

Working around the clock

"Dell is committed to delivering a positive experience with the Venue Pro, as with all our other products and services, and will do everything possible to ensure both our partners and customers are satisfied with their purchase and experience.

"Teams are working around the clock globally to reduce the delay and we realise there is no substitute for shipping product."

So there we have it - while we doubt we'll see too many more Windows Phone 7 handsets at Mobile World Congress 2011, we do have one more from last year still to come.


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