Best Verizon phones

2. HTC One - the reigning Android king

It sure took its sweet time, but the best Android phone on the market has arrived on Verizon Wireless. That would be the HTC One, in all of its brushed aluminum glory. This metal monster has set the bar high for both build quality and powerful processing guts.

Why you want it

The build quality is impeccable. Nothing feels as good in your hand as an HTC One. The iPhone 5S is up there, but if you love the feel of Apple's phone but don't want iOS, or that puny 4-inch screen, the HTC One is a perfect option.

So fast and so sharp. Speedy internals are a standard on top tier wireless devices. There aren't any slow phones on this list, but you can't ignore the performance of the One's 1.7 Ghz quad-core and 2GB of RAM. From games to web to the general interface, everything just plain flies on this phone, and looks great too. Its 4.7-inch HD display rocks a world-beating 468. It's among the best out there.

Sense UI is solid. As far as Android overlays go, HTC's Sense isn't bad. It has a handsome, stark look, takes a unique and functional approach to Android by letting you rearrange the app drawer, and amalgamates Twitter, Facebook, a news feed as well as your calendar in Blinkfeed, which is as close to channel surfing the web as you'll find on a phone.

Front facing speakers. It may not seem like a big deal, since the best way to enjoy smartphone music is with a pair of headphones. However, but if you've ever been outside, trying to share a YouTube video with a friend on tiny, rear mounted speakers, you'll appreciate this feature.

Why you may not want it

It's big and delicate. TechRadar has given the HTC One five stars for all the reasons above, but there are a few roadblocks that make it less than perfect for certain users. First off, at 5.41-inches long, it's a large phone, and rather scratch prone, thanks to that metal body. If you're rough on your phones, you should consider a case, which does spoil some of the fun of having such a nicely built phone.

Storage limitations. The biggest HTC One detractors (Samsung fans, perhaps) bemoan the lack of microSD. That's a legitimate complaint, since HTC apps like Zoe can take up space fast, and Verizon only stocks the 32GB version (the 64GB One is an AT&T exclusive).

Verizon bloatware. Big Red has put its usual smattering of apps on the phone, unnecessary filler like a Verizon Tones and VZ Navigator. It's all stuff that's better handled by Google apps or the Play Store. It's easy to ignore, but the fact that it's taking up space on a phone without microSD is bothersome. A 32GB HTC One from Verizon comes with about 25GB available.

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