Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case: 24 to choose from

Protect your smartphone in style

Budget can't quite squeeze to a Samsung Galaxy S4? There's no need to fret. The Samsung Galaxy S3 still has a glorious 4.8-inch AMOLED display, a great camera and finally has Android Jelly Bean to justify opting for the S4 predecessor instead.

Helping you to keep that Android smartphone away from harm, and providing a sleek solution to adding a line of defence, are dozens of different phone covers. These offer a dizzying number of different designs and features that you may or may not want.

To help you choose the right cover for you, we've picked out the best Samsung Galaxy S3 cases to buy, and put them in order of current selling price.

1. Arkon Sports Armband - US$18 (around £11.50/AU$17.50)

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case 24 to choose from

If you need some audio motivation outdoors or in the gym, this sweat-resistant neoprene case gives you a clear view of the screen and has cutouts at the bottom and top depending on how you like your headphones to hang. If you like to buy a drink on the way there's a storage pouch with enough room for some loose change.

2. Cygnett Tube Map Case - £12/AU$25/US$30

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case 24 to choose from

Perfect for visitors to London or seasoned commuters who still get lost, the iconic London Underground map adorns this glossy, snap-on case. The slim-fitting case gives access to all ports and buttons with a screen protector and cleaning cloth to buff up that big, bright screen.

3. Elago G5 Breathe Case - £14/$25 (around AU$24)

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case 24 to choose from

Delivering style and protection in equal measures, the special coating on this smartphone-hugging case will fend off oil, dust and dirt, while the hard shell provides everyday protection. With the mesh-style design, it's light enough and slim enough to free up room in your pocket for other essentials.

4. Proporta Pencils Case - £15/US$20 (around AU$19)

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case 24 to choose from

It's a pencil case, but not like the one you used to sharpen shavings into the bottom of at school. With access to all those important ports including the camera, this snap-on hard shell case sports a colouring pencil design - but don't be fooled, it will protect your S3 as well as giving it a creative look.

5. Griffin Reveal - £15/US$20 (around AU$19.50)

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case 24 to choose from

Adding less than 2mm of thickness to your Galaxy S3, this one-piece case will preserve the handset's slim body, and with a durable polycarbonate frame it will also guard against everyday bumps and drops. The hugging rubber lining adds another layer of cushioning and makes it even easier to get a grip of the Android smartphone in one hand.

6. Proporta Union Jack Samsung Galaxy S3 Case - £15/US$20 (around AU$19.50)

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case 24 to choose from

Patriotic British and Anglophile Galaxy S3 owners can sport the Union flag with this clip-on hard shell case that is made from a robust material that should also serve as decent smartphone protection. If you're American, there's also a US equivalent to pop onto the back of your Samsung handset, for the same price.

7. Gear4 Thin Ice Liquid Rubber - £15 (around AU$23/US$23)

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case 24 to choose from

Keeping the extra smartphone bulk down to the bare minimum, the ultra-slim rubber case clips onto the back of the S3 and shows off the body with access to all ports and buttons. There is a variety of bright colours to choose from if you don't want to go down the transparent protection route.

8. Belkin Shield Sheer - £15/US$25 (around AU$24)

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case 24 to choose from

If you don't want to cover up your S3 to the point that it's unrecognisable, the slim polycarbonate case has a transparent tint so the smartphone body is still in view but more importantly will protect against scratches and bumps. There's a cut out for the rear-facing camera and a host of outlandish colours to choose from.

9. Incipio Feather - US$25 (around £16/AU$24)

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case 24 to choose from

If you want to keep smartphone bulk down to a minimum, this ultra-thin Plextonium case clips onto the back of your phone, adding just 1mm of extra thickness. S3 owners will also appreciate that this slender case will still offer protection against dents and everyday commuting carnage.

10. BoxWave Unicolor - £18/US$17 (around AU$16.50)

Best Samsung Galaxy S3 case 24 to choose from

Ideal for those on a case-buying budget, the hard plastic case protects the back of your phone while a bumper will guard against scratches on the screen when it's placed on its front. All key cut outs are present, giving you full access, while the textured back means it should stay put in your hand.