Best camera phone: which should you buy?

What's the top cameraphone on the market?

The Sony Xperia Z3 has a 20.2 million pixel, 1/2.3 inch sensor, which is the same kind of setup you'd find in one of Sony's Cybershot compact cameras, so again, it's pitched as a phone with photographers in mind.

There's a dedicated camera button, which you can hold down for a second or two when the screen is locked to very quickly launch the native camera app.

It's one of the speediest on the test. Happily, the lens is on the other end of the phone to where the camera button is so you can actually hold it like a proper camera without your fingers obscuring the lens.

Best Cameraphone

You can change the mode you're shooting in with the Z3 from superior auto, to manual, which isn't quite as manual as the name suggests, but interestingly it is the only place where you can actually use the advertised 20 million pixel shooting resolution as auto maxes out at 8 million pixels.

It's possible to change ISO and metering, white balance and exposure compensation, which is a pretty decent offering for a smartphone.

The Z3 is one of the most impressive in terms of the colours output directly from it, while shots are lovely and detailed. It's also good at autofocusing, locking on to the subject quickly and easily most of the time.

For macro it copes fairly well, allowing you to photograph small and/or detailed things pretty easily. Again, you might want to check that the part of the subject in focus is the part you intended to be.

Best Cameraphone

For low light shooting, the Z3 should be supreme as it has the capability of reaching ISO 12800 - unfortunately you can't set that sensitivity setting yourself, only activating itself in high sensitivity mode - such images taken at those high figures are really only for extremely dark conditions where you can't activate the flash.

Otherwise, in more usual low light conditions, the Z3 copes pretty well, keeping a reasonable amount of detail.