Best camera phone: which should you buy?

What's the top cameraphone on the market?

As you might expect, there's a similar opening mechanism here as with the S5 - a simple swipe up from the bottom right hand corner. But since the phone lens needs to extend as well it's a little slower to get going than the S5, meaning you run the risk of missing certain shots every now and then.

The good news with having a large lens is that it's pretty much impossible for your fingers to obscure it, and you can hold this phone more like a "proper" camera if you like.

As it's so photography oriented, it's no surprise to see that the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom has more shooting modes than the S5. Not only do you have auto, but you also have program mode which gives you some control over certain settings, along with panorama, continuous shot, night and more.

Best Cameraphone

Again, tapping the cog icon brings up a display of various different shooting parameters that you might want or need to change, and you can also alter exposure compensation if you're shooting in program mode.

Focusing in good light is speedy, but in lower light conditions, it will take a slightly longer amount of time. A small box will flash green when focus has been acquired, and handily it will flash red if focus hasn't been achieved, so you can quickly see if you need to force it to refocus again.

Colours in images from the phone are nice and warm, and there's plenty of detail on offer here when you're shooting in good light. Disappointingly, the phone struggles with very close up shooting - so macro photographs are pretty much off limits.

Best Cameraphone

In low light, the K Zoom is the worst of the bunch, which is again disappointing for something which is so photography focused. Images are a little grainy, with a loss of detail, which is probably okay if you're only sharing on social sites, but if you want to print them out at some point, you're probably going to be left disappointed. The front facing camera also has a similar problem.

The K Zoom is the best option of the group in terms of zoom, as it has an optical device. At the furthest reach of the lens images are well detailed and very usable. There's also a digital zoom if you want to get even closer, but avoid that unless really necessary.