Apple iPhone 6 to finally embrace NFC to power new mobile wallet service?

The next iPhone handset will be the first to support Near Field Communications (NFC) technology according to reports this weekend.

French site is claiming to have obtained pictures of a bare iPhone 6 logic board, which apparently proves the forthcoming device will offer NFC support.

According to the site the iPhone 6 will also see an upgrade to 802.11ac Wi-Fi, meaning faster connectivity over wireless broadband networks.

However, the photos themselves don't appear to offer conclusive proof of those claims.

Embracing mobile payments

The report comes just days after rumours Apple is planning to launch a mobile wallet service to allow iPhone users to pay for goods using their device.

An NFC-powered iPhone would go a long way to facilitating that service.

Until now Apple has chosen to eschew NFC to power mobile payments, choosing instead to go with its Passbook service which houses users' store cards, vouchers, event tickets and airline passes.

Via 9to5Mac