Apple iOS 5.0.2 battery-fixing update on hold?

New update to fix old bugs causing new bugs

Apple never actually said it was going to release iOS 5.0.2 this week, but the rumour-mill reckoned that that was the plan – until now, with new reports suggesting that the rumoured update has been delayed.

The software patch is set to fix the battery drain issues seemingly caused by iOS 5 on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S - presumably in a more effective way than iOS 5.0.1 that was intended to fix the battery drain issues but actually made them worse.

Other bugs that the update was supposedly set to address included minor problems with Documents in iCloud and some other niggling little problems with the iPhone 4S.


But is now reporting that the update is on hold because the software needs more testing.

Unfortunately, the rumour of the iOS 5.0.2 update landing this week came from in the first place, so who really knows?

Still, we're expecting Apple to do something about the inconvenient battery situation on the iPhone 4S so we can believe a new update is coming. It's all looking quite likely to us.

quite likely

iOS 5 isn't just about dwindling battery life, though - check out everything you need to know about the software in our video below:

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