Android 5.0 benchmark suggests Sony Nexus handset exists

New OS on the cards

A Sony Nexus handset may exist after Android 5 0 appears

Android 5.0 has popped up on a benchmarking website, apparently running on a Sony-made smartphone.

Dubbed Key Lime Pie, the next iteration of Android is expected to be a big one, taking a significant leap forward from Jelly Bean and Google will want a shiny new handset to show off its latest platform.

Now a benchmark result has appeared on the Nenamark site, claiming to show stats from a Sony LT30i – a relation to the Sony Xperia T – running Android 5.0.0.

In the running

In the run up to the launch of the LG-made Google Nexus 4 announcement, there were rumours that the search giant was in talks with various manufacturers and Sony was one of the names bandied about as a possible provider of the next Nexus smartphone.

So the suggestion that Sony could be trialing a new version of the Android mobile OS isn't that far-fetched - but these results are by no means a sure thing.

Benchmark results should always be taken with a heavy dosage of salt, so we aren't getting carried away over here at TechRadar. The Key Lime Pie is not necessarily about to come out of the oven.

From Nenamark via PocketNow