100 best free iPhone apps 2015

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26. Tube Map London

Tube Map London

At its most basic, Tube Map London is a London Tube map on your device, for free. In landscape, even the ads get out of your way, which is rather nice. And if you've a web connection, the app also provides live board info, a station finder and a route calculator.

27. Google Earth

Google Earth

"Hold the world in the palm of your hand," says Google about Google Earth, which enables you to fly across the planet by swiping your finger. More integration with content and features from Maps would be good, but Google Earth's Wikipedia articles and a Panoramio layer at least ensure it's a great app for seeing the world from your living room.

28. XE Currency

XE Currency is a fine example of an app that does what it needs to, without fuss. You configure a list of currencies, and it shows current conversion rates. Double-tap a currency to set its base rate or to define values for custom conversions.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

29. Shazam


Shazam is an app that feels like magic when you first use it. It's deceptively simple—hold your iPhone near to a music source, and wait while the app listens and tells you what track is playing. But the sheer technology behind this simplicity is mind-boggling, and while Shazam doesn't always guess right, it's worth a download.

30. SwiftKey

The revamped iOS 8 keyboard is far better than its predecessor, not least because of the predictive word bar, but SwiftKey takes things a step further. Rather than laboriously tapping out individual keys, you just glide your finger across them. This can make for some comical typos initially, but SwiftKey soon speeds up iPhone text entry.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

31. Yell Search

As you might expect, Yell Search enables you to find local stuff. Select from a bunch of built-in categories or type in your own term for a list of local amenities, and use the map to navigate. Avoid the clunky augmented reality view, though.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

32. BBC News

BBC News has a mobile website that works very nicely in Safari. However, the BBC News app is designed to give you quick access to breaking stories, complete with playable videos and zoomable text. The navigation's a tad on the quirky side though.

BBC News

33. Find My iPhone

For the paranoid souls out there (or the unlucky ones who've had their devices pilfered), Find My iPhone is a must-have download. Assuming you've a 2010 or later iOS device, you can set up a free account and locate your devices within seconds. (Note that older devices can also be added to Find My iPhone - you just need a recent one to get things going.)

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

34. Dragon Dictation

Fed up of typing on the tiny iPhone keyboard? Use Dragon Dictation instead, which happily converts your speech into text (with slightly spooky levels of accuracy for a freebie app). You can even punctuate ("Comma! Full-stop!"), and when you're done the app enables you to fire your thoughts at Facebook, Twitter, Mail or the iOS clipboard.

Of course, Siri's available for more recent iOS devices; even so, Dragon Dictation has a longer buffer time and might be more suitable for people used to defining punctuation while dictating.

Dragon dictation

35. iHandy Torch Free

It's a torch! It's a cheesy neon light! It's a hypnotic spiral effect! With slightly annoying ads! In reality, iHandy Torch Free is mostly a handy app for owners of older devices to have installed in case you get up for a midnight snack or toilet visit, don't turn on the light and want to avoid smashing your toe annoyingly hard into an unruly cupboard.


36. TVGuide.co.uk TV Guide

TV Guide is an app that's come a long way. At one time, this was a disappointing UK TV listings app. Today, it boasts now-and-next and scrollable listings views, reminders, and calendar, Twitter and Facebook integration. Only avoid if you hate TV or don't live in the UK.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

37. Zoopla Property Search

There are loads of property search apps on the App Store, but Zoopla is the best of them. Its listings are comprehensive and there's also local market data, including sale prices and estimates on market value. Naturally, the app is also location-aware, meaning it can rapidly find properties nearby or close to a user-defined post code.


38. IM+

If you're an instant messaging fiend, IM+ gives you access to a bewilderingly large range of services, from giants like AIM and Facebook through to more niche fare. It's the perfect app for anyone who does a lot of instant messaging and wants everything within a single app, rather than having dozens of apps on their home screens.


39. Kayak

Kayak aims to be an all-in-one smart travel app, providing the means to search for flights, hotels, and car rentals, and then manage your trip and track your flights. Alerts can be defined to inform you about price changes, and the interface is clean and simple, ensuring that you don't miss any important details.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

40. Virtuoso Piano Free 3

Virtuoso Piano Free 3 won't turn you into a virtuoso, but it's a perfectly serviceable mini piano. You can amend the number of keys shown on screen, and buttons enable you to rapidly navigate the full keyboard. You get two built-in voices for playback, to which you can add variable levels of sustain.

Virtuoso piano free 3

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41. TuneIn Radio

Don't bother buying a DAB radio - just install TuneIn Radio instead and plug your device into a set of speakers. TuneIn Radio has a great interface for accessing over 50,000 digital stations; it also has AirPlay support, and you can use it as an alarm clock.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

42. 4oD Catch Up

The 4oD app has its problems — a lack of AirPlay support; enforced registration; quite a lot of ads — but it does give you the means to catch up with plenty of the TV shown on Channel 4, E4, More 4 and any other '4' channels the corporation's decided to unveil this week.


43. Jamie's Recipes

More a gateway drug for the tasty treats of Jamie Oliver, this IAP-infused app nonetheless flings ten freebie recipes your way and a few videos. The interface in Jamie's Recipes is lickable, and there's a handy shopping-list feature, for those of you who don't fancy arriving back home after fighting the crowds in the supermarket, only to find you accidentally picked up 500 lemons and forgot the chicken.

Jamie recipe

44. Instagram

Take a photo, smash a filter into it, and upload it. Instagram's service is now used by millions of people to share nuggets of visual loveliness, and the app itself is a pleasure to use, and also to browse during moments when you're not feeling quite so inspired.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

45. Google Translate

Assuming you're online, Google Translate is a great app for translating text between dozens of different languages; handily, the most popular of them enable you to speak into your device and listen to translations. It's also considerably cheaper and more portable than dozens of translation staff.

google translate

46. iMotion HD

We say a big PFFT! at CGI. Real animators use stop-motion, until they inevitably go crazy at only being able to craft about three seconds of footage per week. iMotion HD enables you to create such painstaking animations with your device.

The sting in the tail: a £1.49 IAP for export, but if you don't care about that, you can play your creations on your device to your heart's content. There's also the free iMotion Remote to use as a remote controller over Wi-Fi for iMotion HD, to avoid you accidentally moving your 'camera'.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

47. TED

TED is brain food. The app provides access to talks by insanely clever people, opening your mind to new and radical ideas. You can also save your favourite talks locally, for even easier access, or ask the app to inspire you, based on your mood and available time.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

48. Remote

The remote for Apple TV is a bit of a joke when you need to do anything more than play or pause. Remote is a free app which provides much better control and the ability to stop yourself going mad when typing things into search fields. It'll also happily use Home Sharing to pull content from computers on your network to your device, or fire said content at your Apple TV using AirPlay.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014

49. Skyscanner

Skyscanner's a great website, which enables you to punch in airports and find out the cheapest way of getting from A to B. The Skyscanner app is the same, but it's on your device and with a spiffy AI. Well worth a download, even if only to check flights for an upcoming holiday.


50. Apple Store

Apple fans with a lack of self-control should steer clear of the Apple Store app, which enables you to buy shiny Apple products directly from your device, to locate your nearest shrine of tech loveliness (aka Apple Store), and even to pay in-store, without having to bother hassling one of the blue-shirted staff.

100 best free iPhone apps 2014