10 touchscreen phones to challenge the Palm Pre

It's a big year in the land of the mobile phone

LG viewty smart

LG Viewty Smart

The original Viewty gets a significant upgrade

Designed to be a successor to 2007's original Viewty, the Viewty Smart is a super flat device, weighing in at 90 grams and rocking a thickness of only 12.4mm.

It's also the next in line to use the 3D S-Class interface LG has so lovingly developed and first seen on the Arena, so there's clearly going to be some decent processing power in there.

There's a 3-inch touchscreen as expected with an 8MP camera, building on the impressive 5MP effort from the original Viewty and even auto-motion detection for the spy-loving among you, and even a little sliding door to protect the lens / fiddle with and annoy your partner.

Our expert says: "LG has been quietly beavering away on the handset front, adding to an extensive portfolio and adding some weight with the new S-Class interface.

"The Viewty Smart, apart from having a rubbish name, is a top draw camera phone as well as bringing some decent multimedia capabilities. It's not in the same league as the Palm Pre though, which means it will come with a price point that will be attractive to a lot more people."

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