10 essential fitness apps for Windows Phone

7. Pedometer Master (free)

Pedometer Master can track the number of steps you've taken when walking or running, as you'd expect.

But it can also track the duration of a workout, the distance travelled, your average speed, your current speed, the number of calories burned and even how many steps you take a minute.

Extra features include the ability to control your music from the app, backup workouts to SkyDrive and view historic workout data.

8. Calorie Tracker (£2.29)

Calorie Tracker

Calorie Tracker includes a database of over 625,000 food and restaurant items, making it a breeze to log what you eat.

Anything that's not in the database can be added manually and exercises can be tracked too.

Simply set a goal for what weight you want to reach and then the app will automatically tell you how many calories to eat each day.

All you need to do is log your food and exercise and you can easily ensure you stay on track.

9. 100 Push-ups (free)

100 Push-ups aims to get you fit enough to do 100 push-ups in a row. It does this first by having users carry out an initial test to see how many they can do and then setting out a training plan which will gradually increase the amount that you perform.

But while its name might make you think the app is all about push-ups, it can also be used to train you to do 100 sit-ups, 50 pull-ups or 300 squats.

So you can easily workout different body parts and train different muscles while working towards clear goals.

10. Caledos Runner (free)

Caledos Runner

Caledos Runner can be used to track your distance, pace, speed, time, position, calories and elevation during a run.

If you have a Bluetooth HxM Heart Rate Monitor you can even link it up to the app and track your heart rate.

Audio cues will keep you updated on your stats and progress as you run and you can control your music from the app.

It also includes social network integration, allowing you to post your runs to Facebook and Twitter and it's deeply integrated with RunKeeper, allowing you to sync your data with it.