10 essential fitness apps for iOS

But Moves also lets you plot your routes on a map, see how many calories you've burned and even view your day as a timeline, seeing where you were when and for how long.

While you'll certainly notice its impact on your battery it's been optimised to be as light on resources as possible, so you should still be able to get at least a day out of your iPhone with Moves running in the background.

7. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker (free)

As the name suggests, MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and diet tracker, though it can also be used to keep track of how much exercise you do.

With over 3 million foods in its database it's likely to have the things you eat and if it doesn't you can easily create a new entry.

Logging exercise is just as easy and on top of tracking calories you can also track fat, carbohydrate, sugar and more.

Then once you've been using the app for a while you can view charts of your calorie consumption and weight changes over time, to see just how much progress you're making.

8. 7 Minute Workout Challenge (£1.49)

7 Minute Workout Challenge

Half the battle with getting fit is finding time to actually exercise, but 7 Minute Workout Challenge essentially removes that part of the equation, by giving you a simple workout that only takes around 7 minutes and can be done without any specialist equipment.

It uses high intensity interval training across 12 different exercises and is designed to boost your metabolism, making it far more effective than a 7 minute workout has any right to be.

The workout can be provided by a male or female trainer that will guide you by audio, video, images and text.

On top of the workout itself the app also includes a weight and activity tracker and the ability to unlock achievements.

9. Zombies, Run! (£2.49)

Let's face it, zombies just aren't that scary any more. They've been overdone and it almost seems like you can't leave your house without some zombie themed thing getting in your face.

But when a horde of them are chasing you that's still likely to be motivation enough to pick up the pace.

Zombies Run

That's the thought behind 'Zombies, Run!', an app which combines the bread and butter of run tracking (distance, time etc) with the constant threat of becoming food for the undead.

That threat is delivered via audio as you run and if you somehow need even more motivation there's also a fairly lengthy story and specific mission goals which you can work your way through by working out.

10. Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer (£1.49)

Full Fitness Exercise Workout Trainer

Full Fitness serves two main purposes. The first is teaching you new exercises.

There are hundreds included in the app with images and text instructions for all of them, video instructions for some and new exercises being added all the time.

The second purpose is to log workouts and motivate you to keep at it. There are 30 routines included with the app, along with the option to create your own, so you can keep things varied and interesting.

Plus if you're working towards a specific goal or want to target a specific muscle or body part, Full Fitness has you covered there too, as the exercises are all labelled accordingly.