10 best fitness apps for Android and Android Wear


1. Runkeeper

This isn't one of the most popular running apps for nothing. Runkeeper is a full GPS tracking tool that works with everything from a quick walk to a marathon, and let you use all kinds of accessories from Polar heart rate monitors to Fitbit trackers and Android Wear watches.

Your smartwatch acts as a small screen version of the phone view, providing a few basic run stats. It's one of the few apps to support GPS Android Wear watches like the Sony SmartWatch 3 too.

It's not all-business either, with Google Music integration letting you listen to some tunes as you run.

It's just brilliant. What's different between the free and paid versions? Upgrade and you can compare performance with your friends and track your performance trends over longer periods.


2. Runtastic

Runkeeper's arch rival is Runtastic. They do many of the same things: you really can't go wrong with either. Runtastic also supports Android Wear.

Our top tip is to try out both and see which interface you prefer. However, there are a few differences we can point out.

Runtastic currently has slightly better integration of music services like Spotify. It feels a bit more like streaming apps like this are running within the interface here than with Runkeeper. A small point? Maybe, but being able to control music easily while running is pretty important.

It's worth upgrading to the Pro version of Runtastic if you're going to use it regularly. It adds bags of extra features, including voice coach, interval training and a few new activities, like skating.

SportsTrack Live

3. SportsTracker

Find Runkeeper and Runtastic that bit too involved? Check out SportsTracker. Its interface is a bit less ambitious, there are fewer features, but as a result it's less easy to get lost if you just want to get up and running (no pun intended) as quick as possible.

There's plenty more on offer than just one-off tracking too. SportsTracker keeps a history of your runs, heart rate monitoring and offers voice prompts without asking for you to pay for the privilege.

Using a nice and simple interface means the app looks kinda similar whether you're using an Android Wear watch or a phone too. Real running obsessives may be better off with one of the better-known apps, but if you want to keep it relatively simple, check out SportsTracker.

Zombies Run

4. Zombies, Run!

Want to have fun rather than brag on Facebook about beating your 10k PB? Download Zombies, Run! now.

Part game, part motivational audiobook, part run tracker, it turns each of your runs into a mission that unfolds as you move your feet. Everything becomes part of a story you listen through your earphones.

It's the perfect solution for people who find running a bit boring, and is also a way to forget how much your lungs feel like they're going to explode if you're on a couch-to-5K plan. New missions are released every week too.

Zombies, Run! comes in two flavours, a standard one (£2.99) and the limited 5K training one (£1.59). Android Wear support is isn't here yet, but the dev is considering it. Fingers crossed…


5. Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro (£1.99)

Endomondo Sports Tracker is one of the most popular fitness apps around and with good reason. Whether you're running, walking or cycling Endomondo will keep track of your distance and time, it's got a thriving social network, and it now supports Android Wear, to boot.

An audio coach will keep you motivated and you can even compete against times set by friends and strangers. Route maps will help you find new places to workout and for activities that aren't covered, such as weight training, there's an option to manually enter workouts into the app, enabling you to keep track of all your exercise.

It's not quite our favourite run tracker, but it is excellent, and its versatility is second to none.