4G boost coming from MoD's spectrum sale

Has plenty going spare

It'll be a silent night on the Ministry of Defence's radio frequency as part of it's spectrum is sold off to help increase the amount available for 4G networks.

The spectrum is currently used by emergency services and transport regulators, as well as for defensive needs but the MoD reckons it has plenty to spare.

The sub-15GHz spectrum that the MoD is selling off can be used for voice networks as well as data and broadband.

Bourne again

With Ofcom currently juggling the auction that networks can bid on space to run 4G networks, any additional spectrum to add to the mobile data cause is a boon.

Networks will have the opportunity to buy the defensive spectrum but whoever nabs it won't get a boost in the race to catch up with EE as the auction isn't planned until summer 2014.

Ofcom's own auction is scheduled for early 2013 after various delays.

From BBC


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