Microsoft admits Windows Home Server glitch

Using certain apps could lead to data loss

Microsoft has its hands full after admitting to the globe that its gleaming new Home Server tech has a pretty serious flaw under the hood. And what's worse for the behemoth is that the problem could lead to corrupted data. That's right - a system designed to protect your data could actually push it off a cliff.

It seems the issue will only occur when your Home Server box is under a large data strain, but several oft-used apps will cause the issue, including Windows Vista's Photo Gallery, One Note and even Outlook 2007 - not exactly low key programs.

The corporation suggests that until an update for Windows Home Server is available users should "not use the programs that are listed in this article to save or to edit program-specific files that are stored on a Windows Home Server-based system".

Various reports have also emerged of similar issues occurring when torrent apps are used. "Our support team is currently trying to reproduce these issues in our labs," says Microsoft.

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