Nokia unveils premium mobile TV for N96

Finns just won't let the idea die!

Nokia, fresh from officially launching the N96 phone with as many bells and whistles as it can pack in, has unveiled a slew of N96-only mobile phone TV channels, called Capsule 96.

However, each episode is available in 96 second bursts... You see what they did there? The name and the length are the same! Now that's a marketing department that's in the zone.


Although we don't usually paste in press release waffle, Nokia's justification for providing these little snippets of infotainment is just too good to miss:

"Catering to the new generation of time poor 'content grazers' who want insightful, up-to-the minute content in condensed packages to watch at their leisure, Capsule N96 offers high quality 'infotainment' to view on the go."

What on earth is a content-grazer? Why are we suddenly time poor? Why do we want to watch condensed programming? The questions are endless.

To be fair, Nokia has pushed the boat out for the content, including mobisodes (what a word) on motoring, fashion, gadgets, comedy, culture and homes, and featuring such names as fashion designer Wayne Hemingway and Jonny Smith from Fifth Gear.

Perhaps today's culture vultures are craving snippets of entertainment and Nokia has got this one right. But we deep thinkers at TechRadar cannot empathise with folk with such low attention spans, especially when there's a squirrel outside that's GOT A PIECE OF FOIL ON ITS HEAD!



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