Google: speak into your iPhone to search net

We hope new voice service gets called 'Chat 'n' Surf'

Google has developed an application that allows you to speak into your iPhone and have your words searched for over the mobile browser.

All you have to do is start the application, tell it what you want, and theoretically you'll be looking at the results with relaxed and rested fingers.

Apparently, according to the NY Times, the app turns your voice into a digital file, which is then read and translated into words on the page, with the search activated.

Apparently it's not quite the finished article according to the paper, as the results are often incomprehensible, as you might expect from such an application.


But the beauty of being able to ask "Where's the nearest cash machine?" or even your own name (We've all done it, come on) will make you feel like you're the overlord to a legion of robotic butlers (sort of).

The addition of other location-based services can also be incorporated into the search, so a simple drunken pitiful cry of "Where am I?" will hopefully work.

"Where have all my friends gone, and why won't people stay talking to me?" might not work as well though.

Both Microsoft and Yahoo! both offer voice search functions, but it's believed that Google's is the most accurate, though it has declined to give any statistics on how accurate it is, stating it was "accurate enough".



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